Green Boot Print

Created by Josh Hite and Justine A. Chambers
created for 350.0rg

This work is a visual pun on the ecological footprint, a term coined by William Rees in 1992 here in Vancouver.  The collective pair of green shoe prints upon a green surface point towards their utopic invisibility, while contextualizing the shoes within the urban environment, rather than a more conventional individual bare footprint.
As a tribute to the unseen daily acts and efforts toward a more sustainable city and planet by individuals, the image is not moving as on a forest trail, but stands as a paused urban human figure, facing the city and the mountains, at approximately the same scale as the surrounding Yaletown buildings.

British Columbia, and Vancouver in particular, have outwardly green media personas, but many living in the city question the present visibility of such progress. Bike lanes are appearing, yet remain highly contentious, and while light rail was created for the Olympics, it was removed shortly afterward. This work speaks to potential actions as much as it reminds us of what we see today.

image comprised of approximately 100 people
dimensions: 60 m x 22 m

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