How do we see action? How is it changing the air between us? How can we change the air between us with gesture?

Zephyrs works with kinetic reach, made visible by a dense mass of theatrical haze and light. Working with hidden movement and visible stillness, performers Steph Cyr and Sophia Laurio beckon and repel the air around them to create constantly shifting conditions. They are apparatuses for dispersion: a hazy weather system within the gallery.

Here, air is made thick, and the performance stirs our mid-pandemic understanding of that space as charged, intense, and at times threatening. Zephyrs finds a fluid movement, conjuring something more generous, attentive and intentional in the space between us.

Libby Leshgold Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Soft Launch, Curation by Vanessa Kwan
Performance by: Steph Cyr and Sophia Laurio
Lighting: James Proudfoot
Sound: Scott Morgan / loscil
Images by: Rachel Topham Photography

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