for all of us

for all of us sceneographyfor all of us score backfor all of us score frontfor all of us ame 3

Ame Henderson activating the score


A Restorative Arrangement
by: Deanna Bowen


for all of us was created specifically for the I continue to shape exhibition at Art Museum at University of Toronto, curated by cheyanne turions.

“If the extra-rational potential of artworks can change minds and behaviours, it is important to tend to the affective labour involved in this. Justine A. Chambers offers a place of rest through a malleable scenography that invites gallery visitors to reconfigure it as they see fit, and allow their bodies to unfurl. It recognizes flesh as a way of understanding being in relation with bodies past, present and future. Over the course of the exhibition artists Deanna Bowen, Ame Henderson and Jessica Karuhanga to activate her work, so as to relay the nation of the work as, in Garneau’s words, a place of ‘sensual and intuitive study….where people can find refuge from the ideas that otherwise rule them’.”

cheyanne turions, curator I continue to shape 



Score design by : Jeremy McCormick
Photographs by: Justine a. Chambers

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