family dinner – the scripts

The scripts for the family dinner were generated by the performers. From the ‘blueprint’ video (a shared dinner in August 2013) each performer created a subjectively accurate ‘action script’ derived from the actions of another performer. This script was then passed to yet another performer to learn and execute.

Below are two of the scripts:

“Justine” – written by Aryo

Weight on left side of body (for 90% of the time), right hand on left thigh. Chew, listen. Gesture a veil on the face with right hand. Surprised look. Casually pop up a flowers with right hand. Listen, pay attention. A quick look at the plate in front of you. Listen. Pouch bottom lip quickly and laugh. Laugh more, fold body above the table; rest forehead on heels of hands and rest right elbow on table. Rest nose on right hand, left arm on lap. Open right hand away from face and bring it back under nose again. Under chin. Run both hands through hair (left hand higher). Rest right arm on table, left arm bent on left side of neck. Play with hair – slightly. Open -just- hands and rock them left to right eleven times – decreasing in tempo. Go back to right arm on table, left hand on neck. Show a little boy with left hand. Show a medium sized ball with both hands. Small direct continuous movements of both – just – hands: six of them. Open palms and “stop”, look to your right. Show the same ball again. Hold left hand and stretch right arm diagonally forward. Right arm on table, rest head on left hand’s index finger. Listen. Listen. Open left palm and stretch left arm away toward left. Meet both hands above your lap, and flick them away from each other. Listen (weight on left, right hand on left lap). Listen. Laugh. Go for the plate, elegantly pick a leaf and bite in half – elegantly. Put the other half back in plate, lick both of the fingers. Listen (weight on left…). Laugh, clap hands. Cover your face. Cover your nose. Drop your hands.

“Josh” written by Tiffany

filling the back of the chair, lean further looking behind Ail’s head to at Dave

lift right arm in a cast, hand relaxed, triple cookie dunk tilt

drop right hand back in lap and listen to dave for a sec

eyes glance down

lifting both hands above table left hand draws upside-down U poring small cup into open hand, eyes glance down just before two mouth stuffing hands fall to lap

tongue digs out of lower left molar while looking to Billy, tiny shoulder chuckle

left palm up frying pan shakes to lunch money hand at Billy

hand drops to lap

inhale sifting hoagie hands above table

right hand dunks while head does almost invisible little “no”s at Billy

slightly tensing shoulders and eyebrows upwards as the hoagie drops into mouth with left then right hand

big mouth to stomach swallow, hands fall to lap, now chest breathing more deeply from it all

in-socket eyes slip left and back to Billy

eyes slip right, head meets eyes, tongue digs our of lower left molar

quick head turn to Billy for a tiny shoulder chuckle

look down amused to try Billy’s double hand sewing snakes and look up to James, sewing a little longer before dropping hands to lap.

look at Jac, mini shoulder chuckle, look at James, mini shoulder chuckle, look at Jac, tongue goes to lower left molar and thinks about digging

eyes dip drift to Billy then back to Jac while mouth breaths in and hip bones shift slightly

look to Jac, inhale then exhale a nodding yes while dragging front teeth over bottom lip and eyes drop towing head low centre for a sharp left eyebrow stab up

eyes draw a quick n tiny rectangle

jaw shifts left then right pull shirt hem and let go

purse mouth corners looking down and into head thought small assuring nod yes to lift eyes to billy pursing mouth corners

drive gaze to Jac with a heavy forehead

teeth scrape bottom lip right bottom lip left

tongue digs out of lower left molar

tongue searches teeth yes nod twice looking down then back at Jac for more in mouth tongue searching

sharp head laugh retract back an inch

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