The third person bio:

Justine A. Chambers occupies a unique space in the Vancouver dance community. Her practice and projects straddle the line between contemporary dance and visual art performance. Her interests lie in collaborative creation and re-positioning dance performance. She is drawn to the movement of all bodies, not only the virtuosic actions of dancers. Her choreographic focus is on the dances that are already there: the social choreographies present in the everyday.

Her recent choreographic projects  include: Family Dinner, Enters and Exits, COPY, On Any Given Day, and Caesura.

Chambers’ work has been presented by: Dances for a Small Stage, Dance Saskatchewan, Dancing on the Edge Festival, New Dance Horizons, The Roundhouse Community Arts Centre, Vancouver Art Gallery: FUSE and the Western Front. 

Chambers is a founding member of projet bk.

Justine is currently on of five artists in residence at ten fifteen maple (http://tenfifteenmaple.org).

She has collaborated on projects with:
Digital video artist Josh Hite: ’COPY: a movement based installation‘, ‘Incoming‘, ‘Green Boot Print’ (The Roundhouse Community Arts Centre, Code Lab and 350.org)
Visual Artist Brendan Fernandes: The Working Move (The Western Front, The Stedelijk Museum)
Contemporary Gamelan Composer Michael Tenzer: Sphinx (Tour of Bali 2013)
Visual artist Jen Weih: Stack of Moves (Wrong Waves Festival 2013)
Visual artists Marilou Lemmens and Richard Ibghy: Is there anything at all left to do be done at all (Trinity Square Video)
Dance artist Deanna Peters: One + the Other (The Cultch and New Dance Horizons)

Upcoming collaborations include projects with:
Claudia Fancello:  Light was the Night: Night Shifting (Circuit Est residency, December 2014)
Ben Brown: We’re Making a Band

Chambers and battery opera’s Su Feh Lee co-facilitate the monthly forum The Talking Thinking Dancing Body; a conversation about aesthetics, context and artistic processes. http://www.batteryopera.com/classes/

As a dancer, she has worked with a number of choreographers both nationally and abroad. Including: battery opera, adelheid dance projects, The 605 Collective, Tara Cheyenne Performance, Oded Graf and Yossi Berg, Science Friction, Wen Wei Dance, Mascall Dance.

As a teacher of contemporary dance technique and creation strategies/tactics, she works with Arts Umbrella, Working Class, Toronto Community Love-In, Modus Operandi Training Program, and Ballet BC. Justine works actively as a rehearsal director with Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, Tara Cheyenne Performance and Ballet BC.


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