Justine A. Chambers

In Vancouver publication

In Vancouver is an invitation to become acquainted with the city through the experience of 21 artists participating in Dance in Vancouver. It is a way to come to know these artists beyond their work, publicity photos and program notes. It is a window into their interests, how they move through the city, and who and what they support.

This book is inspired by one of the many acts of hospitality offered by artists Claudia Fancello, Marie Claire Forté and sandra Henderson at the 2014 CINARS Biennale in Montreal. As hosts of the Public Recordings Performance Projects booth, the three artists created a hand-out for guests inviting them to experience their city and community beyond the offerings of the event itself.

Hospitality is at the heart of this book, and allows each contributor to be your distant guide. Its contents are a way to connect spaces to people and to put you, the reader, in rhythm with these artists.

edited by Justine A. Chambers
designed by Deanna Peters/Mutable Subject
map by Erick Villagomez
supported by The Dance Centre